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Updated: 26/10/2022

Giclée prints of the Vélo-Rétro T-shirt images printed on heavy-weight cover stock that measures approximately 13 x 19 inches in size. Don't see your favorite Vélo-Rétro T-shirt image here? We can print a poster of any of the T-shirt images that you see on the website. Give us a call or an email about what you would like us to make for you.

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Below are just some of the posters and prints we offer for sale... click on thumbnails for a larger view.

Campagnolo Milano-San Remo Poster, 1976
Campagnolo issued a poster each year and this one, issued in 1976, celebrates Eddy Merckx's record-breaking seventh Milano-San Remo victory; Tullio looks ecstatic! $19.95

Cinelli Mobile Poster, 1981
Iconic Cinelli poster "Mobile" of a nude model posed on a 1979 Cinelli Mod. Sophisticated Lady, by Studio Alchimia (Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandro Mendini) that was part of the Memphis Group. Artist Photographer: Giancarlo Maiocchi "Occhiomagico" and airbrush post-production by Silvano Portalupi. Client: Conde Nast - Uomo Vogue $19.95

Rossin Neel and Katz Poster, 1980s
Famous Rossin poster distributed by Neel and Katz showing their innovative skin suits and bikes. $19.95

Major Taylor Alcyon Poster, 1909
Patriotic poster of Major Taylor, the first internationally acclaimed African-American sports superstar. $19.95

Major Taylor La Vie Au Grand Air Poster, 1903
Beautiful print of Major Taylor, the first internationally acclaimed African-American sports superstar, that appeared in a 1903 issue of the French sporting magazine, La Vie Au Grand Air. $19.95

Major Taylor, Velodrome Buffalo, 1909
Major Taylor, the first internationally acclaimed African-American sports superstar, in a mid-race track stand duel with French National Champion, Leon Hourlier at the Velodrome Buffalo outside of Paris in 1909. $19.95

Campagnolo "The Ultimate Derailleur" Poster, 1976
Poster with beautiful cut-away painting of the Super Record derailleur and its features. $19.95

Campagnolo "The Ultimate..." 3 Poster Set, 1976
Three poster set with The Ultimate Derailleur, The Ultimate Crankset and The Ultimate Brakeset, featuring beautiful cut-away paintings of the Super Record derailleur, Record crankset and Record brakeset. Three poster set for $34.95

Faema Merckx Kessels Poster, 1969
Team poster of Eddy Merckx' 1969 Tour de France winning team. The only time a single cyclist has won not only the general classification, but the points classification and mountains classification as well. Eddy Merckx rode on the winning team, Faema, won the combination classification and the combativity award. Epic! $19.95

La Domenica Coppi Bartali Poster, 1950
La Domenica from June 1950 showing the season's main competitors: the grand rivals Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali, along with Antonio Bevilacqua, Ferdinand Kubler, Fiorenzo Magni and Jean Robic. Domenica del Corriere was an Italian weekly newspaper which ran from 1899 to 1989. It came out every Sunday free with Corriere della Sera. Illustration by the famous Italian illustrator Walter Molino (1915-1997). $19.95

Gewiss Argentin Bianchi, 1987 Poster
Team poster of Moreno Argentin's 1987 Gewiss Bianchi team. Argentin won stages in the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de Suisse. Known as Il Capo ("The Boss"), he won Liege-Bastogne-Liege four times, the La Fleche Wallonne three times and the Tour of Flanders and Giro di Lombardia once. He became Italian national champion in 1983 and 1989, and world champion in 1986. $19.95

M.A.F.A.C. Poster, 1952
Poster of the iconic Dural Forge MAFAC (Manufacture Auvergnoise de Freins et Accessoires pour Cycles) centerpull brake introduced in 1952, boasting of its superiority with the phrase "One Finger Is Enough!" $19.95

Universal Poster, 1960s
Box cover art depicting a racer flying down a dirt road in the mountains with his adversaries crashing in the background because they aren't using Universal brakes! $19.95

"If Someone tells you that you have enough bicycles and you don't need any more, stop talking to them. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life." Poster
Humorous poster about the number of bikes any one person should own! $19.95

Campagnolo Spoken Here Vicenza Poster
The Campagnolo Spoken Here sticker on a map of the city of Vicenza, Italy, birthplace of Campagnolo! $19.95

Campagnolo Tool Poster, early 1970s
The Campagnolo tool poster that was included with the Campagnolo tool kit showing the proper use of Campagnolo tools. $19.95

Campagnolo and Stars Poster, 1953
Iconic Campagnolo poster featuring the early 1950s Campagnolo derailleurs and hubs and the top twenty-five cycling stars of the day. $19.95

Campagnolo and Stars Poster, 1953
Larger 24 x 36 inch poster on heavy-weight, glossy paper featuring the early 1950s Campagnolo derailleurs and hubs and the top twenty-five cycling stars of the day. $44.95

André Leducq/Alcyon Poster, 1932
André Leducq, illustrated by Jean Josse, was the winner of the 1928 Paris-Roubaix and the 1930 and 1932 Tours de France and hugely popular in France. $19.95

Eugene Christophe Poster, 1919
Eugene Christophe was the first to wear the Maillot Jaune or Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France. The pen and ink drawing of his 1919 Peugeot is by Daniel Rebour. $19.95

Gino Bartali in the 1938 Tour de France
Gino Bartali was the most renowned Italian cyclist before the Second World War; won the Giro d'Italia three times (1936, 1937, 1946) and the Tour de France twice (1938 and 1948). $19.95

Gino Bartali - Santamaria 1950
Poster of Gino Bartali riding his Bartali bike in his Bartali-Gardiol team kit. Santamaria was the fabricator of Gino Bartali bicycles. $19.95

Fausto Coppi, Tour de France Poster, 1949
Fausto Coppi glances over at the cameraman in this evocative photo of "Il Campionissimo" on his Simplex-equipped Bianchi during his victorious 1949 Tour de France. $19.95

Fausto Coppi, Tour de France Poster, 1952
Fausto Coppi did a tour double in 1952, winning both the Tour and the Giro, as he had done in 1949. $19.95

Fausto Coppi, World Champion Poster, 1953-54
Postcard commemorating Fausto Coppi's 1953-54 World Championship victory at Lugano, Switzerland in 1953. $19.95

Fausto Coppi and Riccardo Filippi Poster, 1955
Wonderful hand tinted postcard of the two-man team of Fausto Coppi and Riccardo Filippi winning the Trofeo Baracchi time trial in 1955. $19.95

"Campagnolo Spoken Here" Window Poster, 1982
A large sticker applied to a store window back in the early nineteen-eighties, signifying that store was an authorized Campagnolo dealer. $19.95

The Campagnolo Alphabet Poster, 1986
Campagnolo Spoken Here! An innovative symbol program designed by Campagnolo to quickly identify components. $19.95

Clément Tires Poster, 1985
From a beautifully moody (almost Federico Felliniesque) poster advertising Clément, the world's premier manufacturer of tubular racing tires. $19.95

Hélène Dutrieu, Simpson Lever Chain Poster, 1896
Hélène Dutrieu (1877-1961) was a Belgian (later French) bike racer, stunt cyclist ("The Human Arrow"), stunt motorcyclist, automobile racer, stunt driver, director of a military hospital, journalist and pioneering aviatrix ("The Girl Hawk"). $19.95

Raleigh Fifties Gingham Girl, 1950s
Beautiful Archie Dickens pin-up with an Audrey Hepburn pixie-cut hairdo and a classic Sturmey-Archer 3-speed and electric light equipped lady's bike. $19.95

Hugo Koblet, Tour de France Poster, 1951
Hugo Koblet, shown here winning the 1951 Tour de France; he was given the nickname "Pedaleur de Charme" in 1951 by Jacques Grello, a writer for Parisien Libere. $19.95

Adler Poster, 1910s
Poster for Adler Cycles; the archetypal cycle tourist checking his map before setting off on an adventure! Adler, founded 1880, specialized in touring bikes and stopped production in 1954 to concentrate on sewing machines and typewriters. $19.95

Alcyon Poster, 1920s
Poster of Alcyon Cycles; "light, fast, Alcyon travels the world." Alcyon won seven Tours de France in the early years! $19.95

Baggi-Samyn TdF Poster, 1923
Poster of Cycles Baggi-Samyn 1923 TdF Categorie Touriste Routier and 1923 Championnat du Monde winning bike with rider L. Richard pictured. Lots of details of the bike shown! $19.95

Merckx, Molteni, Colnago Poster, 1970
Eddy Merckx posing with his new Eddy Merckx decaled Colnago in October 1970. With World Champion stripes and Belgium National Champion stripes. $19.95

Eddy Merckx, Molteni Team Card Poster, 1971
Eddy card from 1971, his first year riding for Molteni and Colnago and a classic: Tour de France Overall and Points, Worlds, Milan-Sanremo, Liége-Bastogne-Liége, Paris-Nice, Tour of Belgium, and the Super Prestige Pernod International. $19.95

Eddy Merckx Supporter Poster, 1972
A 1970s advertising sticker of Eddy selling a stick of Clark chewing gum! $19.95

Felice Gimondi, Bianchi CdM Poster, 1973
Felice Gimondi, 1973 Campione del Mondo (World Champion) riding a celeste Bianchi. $19.95

Déesse Cycles Poster, 1898
Déesse Cycles poster (Déesse is French for goddess) pictures a winged goddess sharing the bicycle with the entire world's population by the Rumanian artist PAL (Jean de Paleologue). $19.95

Sirius Cycles Poster, 1898
Sirius Cycles poster pictures a goddess standing on tiptoes and pointing to Sirius, the sky's brightest star, drawn by the Rumanian artist PAL (Jean de Paleologue) who moved to Paris and later, to America to work for Vogue magazine. $19.95

Mario Bazzi, Giro D'Italia Poster, 1933
Giro D'Italia poster from 1933 by Mario Bazzi (1891-1954) with great Art Deco lettering. $19.95

Mario Bazzi, Giro de Francia Poster, 1938
Giro de Francia poster from 1938 by Mario Bazzi (1891-1954) with great Art Deco lettering. $19.95

Lallement Patent Poster, 1866
The very first bicycle patent, issued in November 20, 1866 to Pierre Lallement for the pedal driven bicycle. As they say, "And the rest is history!" $19.95

"As for me, give me a fixed gear!" Poster
"Isn't it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur? We are getting soft... As for me, give me a fixed gear!"--Henri Desgrange, 1902 L'Equipe article. $19.95

The Seven Wild Wheel Whirl Wonders Circus Poster, 1895
The Seven Gaynells riding in an open fence track 5 feet high, 20 feet in diameter, at an angle of 70 degrees: furious exciting races and marvelous trick & fancy riding! $19.95

Circus Jump, 1905
An amazing circus poster of The Ancillotti Brothers bicycle ramp jumping act. The detailed lithograph shows their dazzling show in full detail, "double simultaneous looping & jumping the quadruple chasms." $19.95

Circus Mayhem, 1905
A great German circus poster featuring a trick cycling act that looks like total mayhem under the Big Top with a touch of Women's Lib plus Tweed Ride. Note the woman riding over the man while she smokes a cigarette! $19.95

MORE PRINTS? We can print a poster of most of the T-shirt images that you see on the website for $19.95. Give us a call or an email about what you would like us to make for you.