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Updated: 03/22/2023

Masi Registry (Bob Hovey)
Cinelli Registry (Guy Apple)
Cinelli Only Blog (Angel Garcia)
Olmo Serial Number Dating (Peter Brueggeman)
Flying Scot (Bob Reid)
Dating Your Flying Scot
Mario Confente (Russ Howe)
Vintage DeRosa Guide (Andrea Bonfanti)
Vitus 979 (Peter Kohler)
Classic Fuji (Bill Reavis)
Fuji Otaku (Jay Roberts)
Bertin Classic Cycles (Jim Crux)
Allegro (Peter Grenader)
Mondia Timeline (Robert Broderick)
A.S. Gillott (Mark Stevens)
Ron Cooper (Steven Sheffield)
Hobbs Of Barbican (Bruce Robbins)
Holdsworth, Claud Butler, F. H. Grubb
Wester Ross Bicycles (BikeBrothers)
Hetchins (Flash)
Dave Moulton
Peugeot PX10 Database (David Goerndt)
Bike Boom Peugeot (Tom Simmons)
Gitane (Stephan Andranian)
Retro Raleighs (R. Chong, L. Osborn, G. Gernert, S. Brown)
Raleigh Record Ace (RRA) 1933-1942 (Peter Kohler)
Paramount Archives (Waterford Precision Cycles)
Schwinn Lightweight Data Book (Bob Hufford)
René Herse Project (Alex March)
René Herse (Joel Metz)
Vintage Trek (Skip Echert)
Tribute to Francisco Cuevas (Greg Pitman)
Wizard Cycles (Mike Howard)
Medici Bicycles
Major Nichols Bicycles (Alvin Smith)
Hill Special Cycles (Robin Hatherell)
Panasonic Bicycles Virtual Museum (Darin Nederhoff)
Rotrax Cycles
Romic Bicycles (Rich Pinder)
Gazelle Champion Mondial (John van Smaalen)
3Rensho photo blog
Hetchins Heaven (Jimmy Thomson R.I.P.)
Automoto 1902-62
Viking Cycles (Hugh Thornton)
Ross Signature Series (John Katsaras)
Austro-Daimler "Vent Noir" (Martin Cohen)

Classic Rendezvous (Guy Apple)
Old Classic Rendezvous Archive 2000-2011 (Guy Apple)
Classic Lightweights UK (Peter Underwood)
Speedbicycles (Stefan Schaefter)
6-Day Bicycle Racing (Eugene Vandal)
The Racing Bicycle (Jay Van Der Velde)
1949 Giro d'Italia, Dino Buzzati (Aldo Ross)
Velo Base - Vintage Data Base (Jon Fischer)
Renners Database 1868-2008 (R. Keuss)
The Schmitz Derailleur Collection (Arnfried Schmitz)
Disraeli Gears derailleur collection (Michael Sweatman)
Fausto Coppi Home and Postcards
Gino Bartali
Helene Dutrieu (Ralph Cooper)
MAVIC company history
CAMPAGNOLO company history
SHIMANO company history
Shimano Groups Overview (Martin Trautmann)
Scottish Lightweight Framebuilders (Bruce Robbins)
Cooper Technica Vintage Bicycles (David Cooper)
Homage to Pellos (Graham Jones)
Fausto Coppi (Fabio Di Paola)
Tonton Velo
Professional Cycling Palmares
The Hour Record (Wolfgang Menn)
Torelli Race Archives (Bill McGann)
Rydjor Bike Shop Collection (Dan Ulwelling RIP)
Vintage Lightweights Values (M. Kone with S. Brown)
Old Bike Articles (Sheldon Brown RIP)
Cycling before Lycra (Allan Nelson)
Old School Cycles (Troy Warnick)
Swedish Bikes/Cykelhobby (Kjell Ahlqvist)
Jim Langley
The Bicycle Museum Of America (New Bremen, Ohio)
Bicycle Stamps Club
Suntour History (Frank Berto)
Classic Bicycles (Satoru Masuda)
Early Campagnolo (Hiroshi Ichikawa)
Sturmey-Archer Trigger Shifters (Martin Hanczyc)
Pedal History Museum (Speedplay)
Specialités T.A. (Joel Metz)
Eddy Merckx Frame Serial Numbers (Jeremy Rauch)
Magistroni (Joel Metz)
Bicycle Hubs - Wright, Bayliss-Wiley, Harden
Vintage Swiss Bicycles (Craig Griffith)
The Tweed Cycling Club
Cicli su Carta (Stefano Dragonetti)
Bicicletas Antigas - América Latina (Marcelo Afornali)
Vintage Stayer Photos (Letterlust)
Veloretro Russia
"The Medici Story"

Campagnolo Catalogs 1953-2008 (dates wrong) (RetroBIKE)
Ruote di Carta (Max)
Vintage Bike Catalog Archives (Mark Bulgier)
Velo-Pages Gallery & Catalogs (Robert Broderick)
The Bicycle Info Project (Equus Bicycle)
Miyata Catalogs (Hernan Burgos)
Schwinn Catalogs (Tom Finley)
Cycles Retro Peugeot Catalogs (Oscar Casander)
Sturmey-Archer History & Catalogs

The Custom Bicycle (Kolin and De La Rosa)
The Proteus Framebuilding Book (Dr. Paul Proteus)
Designing And Building Your Own Frameset (Richard Talbot)

More Info:
Jobst archive, a body of knowledge
Cycling Archives
Bike FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, very enlightening!)
Bicycle Tech Links (Damon Rinard)
Leonardo Da Vinci's Bicycle?
Gear Calculator (Sheldon Brown RIP)
Shifter Parts Assembly Diagrams
Chaingang Rotafixa
The Major Taylor Association
Bicycle Design
Jobst Brandt - Trento Bike Pages

Bike Movies:
Huell Howser, California's Gold: LA Bike History
Eddy Merckx - La Course en Tete (1974)
Stars and Watercarriers - 1973 Giro d'Italia
The Greatest Show on Earth (1975) - 1974 Giro d'Italia
A Sunday in Hell - 1976 Paris-Roubaix
Louis Malle - Vive Le Tour - 1962 Tour de France
Vittorio De Sica - The Bicycle Thief (1948)
Lino Messori - At the speed of heart (2014)
The Story of Tom Simpson (2010)
The Impossible Hour - Ole Ritter Hour Attempt
The Greatest Show on Earth - 1974 Giro d'Italia
La Legende Du Tour de France
Fausto Coppi - Paris-Roubaix (1950)
Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle
How a Bicycle is Made (1945)
60 Cycles, Tour du St. Laurent (1965)
The Bike Brothers - Jack, Ken, Norman Taylor (1986)
Gino Bartali, My Italian Secret: The Forgotten Heroes